Monday, July 12, 2010

Sailor's Girl

#65- Sailor's Girl ($12)
Its the nautical craze again! Gold and Navy Blue stripes perfect to match your sailor boy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

#69- Playful Princess ($15)
Unleash your playful side by wearing this polka dotted pink nails with whipped cream lace and pink swarovski crystals. It is cheerful and cute!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#53- Rebellious Girl- $12
Black nails are cool, yet with shiny pink hearts and it exuberates sweetness deep within.
Does it represent your personality? =)

#38 : Sparkles delight -$12
Very glittering and shiny nail tip with purple base, sure to stand out from the crowd!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


#57- Black Lorencia- $14
The black version of Strawberry kisses, for those who want to go for a mysterious glam look.

#56- Cool Couture- $13
Polka dotted coolness and white tip with gittery silver lining. Sweet as it can be!

♥Limited edition! No remakes♥

#L1- Crown Princess $18

Sweet silver crown made of metal beads and jewels, with a touch of silver dust.

#48- Bubblegum Sweet-$12
Cheery pink with pearls and 3-D ribbon, fun and trendy!

#46- Rainbow of Love -$12
Three tone pink nails with hearts, simply irresistable.

#43- Cherished Moments -$12
Pearls and heart-shaped ribbons, lovely and sweet combination. One of my fav designs!

#42- Rock Star- $12
Cool and funky, defines the rebellious side of you.

#40 : Cool Cutie -$12
Cool black nails with cutie 3-D ribbon and diamonds .

#39- Playful girl -$12
Kawaii nails with delicious whipped cream lace and donut heart =)

#37: Sweet Dreams -$12
Pearl pink nails with a glittery purple tip, adorned with crystals and pearls, irresistable sweetness!

#36: Cherry Lipgloss -$12
This glittery nails with ribbons and purple jewels, supersweet and perfect for any occasion

#34: Ballerina Grace- $12
Sweet pink pearl base with pearls and swarovski crystal, elegant and graceful.

#32: Cotton candy-$12
Its time for some bubbly pink fun! Pink polka dots and whipped cream lace, its most suitable for this Valentine's Day =)

#30: Sugar Cupcake-$12
Peach Coloured polka dotted tips, sweet and cute. perfect for this Valentines Day

#29: Victorian Lace-$12
Light purple nails with purple glitter tips and victorian lace.

#26- Oriental Glamour- $12
Dark cherry red tips with lacy black flowers and a light silver base, it is romantic and elegant, perfect to match your Chinese New Year Outfit!

#23- Strawberry Ice Cream- $12
Another kawaii set with ribbons, hearts, and pearls, it matches well with a cute dress.

#21-Royal Princess ($12)
Purple glitter tips with lace and flowers, so sweet nobody can resist!

#19: Princess Pearl ($12)
This french manicure with pearl pink base and adorned with lace and pearls is sweet and sassy.

#18- Secret Sweetheart ($12)
Nails adorned with lacey hearts and swarovski crystals wear it for any occasion!

#17-Mashmallow Dream ($12)
One of my favourite designs, shiny pink tips with pearls and lace, super kawaii!

#14- Shiny Kisses ($12)
This is a set of sweet and simple nails, not too attention-grabbing yet enought to glam up your outfit.

#12- Purple Cheer ($12)
Its time to let your hair down and get into the party mood! This set of nails with purple glitter and silver+gold nail tips with a purple ribbon crystal is sure to set the mood for any party

#08- Strawberry Shortcake ($12)
This sweet cherry red nails with french tip and 3D lace looks so sweet, its almost yummy enough to eat.